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The History of KL

William "Panchoo" Campbell was abducted from his native land, Congo, Kinshasa by Portuguese slavers in approximately 1849 -1850 and was freed by the British around 1860. He settled in Tobago as a liberated African slave in 1861 (learn more). William was not just a farmer who owned acres of land and homes throughout Tobago, William did a lot for those in and around his community. In order to earn extra money, he created clothing for himself and other workers in the village to help them physically function more adequately within their everyday work-life. His legacy continued on with a handful of his children becoming seamstresses and tailors. They expanded the family business by creating a variety of clothing designs for various occasions such as christenings and weddings. William “Panchoo” Campbell died in 1938 at the age of 115. Many years later, out of his example of hard work, dedication, and creativity, Kinshasa Lifestyle also known as KL, was established.

Exceptional quality. Expertly made. 

At KL, every fibre generated, and every style created is used to produce the best, most desirable, and most functional lifestyle clothing brand. The creative directors are the great-grandchildren of William “Panchoo” Campbell. Their fabric choices and design concepts are Distinctive and the threads and fibres that are outsourced exclusively make life Functional for today’s lifestyle. Our KL team is determined to provide their customers with products that are Innovative with exceptional quality that is expertly made. KL is a unique lifestyle brand that strives for superior quality and absolute perfection, and we will not settle for anything less. Every step is meticulously planned to ensure that we only deliver the very best of quality. Our mission is to provide solutions to your life that just make sense.  Let us do all of the trial and error for you as William “Panchoo” Campbell did, so you can spend your day focusing on the finer things in life.


Distinctive. Functional. Innovative.

Kinshasa Lifestyle. 

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kinshasa lifestyle website.png


The complete angle of KL’s vision is to launch a culturally advanced and modernized manufacturing system. This will promote opportunities for future generations. Opportunities such as technologically advanced schools which will improve our children’s communication structure, provide tutoring, life development coaching, and physical and mental health wellness facilities. Providing tools for cultural acceleration is our major objective when promoting our products, which will create job opportunities for visible minorities in our design house and design centre in Tobago. These future visions will enable us to provide high performance apparel at affordable prices for adults and children that are Distinctive, Innovative, and Functional. Our high standards push us to create environmentally friendly initiatives that promote social change and encourage a more clean and conscious earth to live and work in.

Customized Clothing System'

Creating a diverse and self-made ordering system inspires our customer's creativity, by allowing them to order our apparel from various KL Collections, and have their garments custom made as per size, colour, style, graphics, and body type. We make our clothing custom made to fit every one of our customer's shape, curves, and structure. Since we do not believe in one-size-fits-all approach, we have created in-between sizes to accommodate every detail of everyone’s body.


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